Two Families. Two Homes. One Village. It takes a village to raise a family

Our Family Village™ makes communication easier in separated families by reducing the friction and disruption associated with managing the family.



Keep your village connected by providing instant access to information for your whole village.



Manage your family with an easy to use calendar



Keep track of all medical information

Families come in many forms and what we all have in common is the desire to keep our kids happy, supported and cared for.

But modern family life can be busy. Childcare, school, sport and activities, work and family commitments can often mean it’s tricky to keep on top of who needs to be where and when, and it can be even more challenging when parents are separated or divorced.

Our Family Village™ app can help all kinds of families to stay connected, organised and informed – whether it’s Mum and Dad, grandparents, step-parents, babysitters or your next door neighbour – it takes a supportive village to raise a family.

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Since we downloaded Our Family Village app, coordinating the care for our two children has been much easier. All their important events are in the app – soccer training, dance lessons, dentist’s appointments, parent/teacher night – and my ex-husband and I know who is responsible for each. It’s taken the pressure off trying to remember each routine and has improved our communication. When in doubt we refer to the app!”

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